Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sample Cloud Tester Profile

  Cloud Tester
Role Definition Technical member of Cloud testing team
Pre-Requisites Past experience of performing functional testing of applications with one or more specialized areas such as performance, load/ stress and security etc.
Experience testing RESTful and SOAP based web services
Solid understanding of HTTP/S; Knowledge of JSON, XML and queue based messaging
No prior understanding of Cloud is required
Mandatory Skills Basic understanding of Cloud deployment models
Basic Understanding of Cloud provided infrastructure and services
Basic understanding of security related aspects, impact of Cloud on security and ability to create secure test data for Cloud based testing
Ability to provision hardware/ software and setup test environment in the Cloud
Working knowledge of relational databases and applicable Operating System (OS)
Ability to understand metrics such as page load times, network latency, response times etc., correlate it with requirements and report bugs wherever there are gaps
Ability to inject (large scale) data and traffic from multiple locations spread across the world (whenever required)
Optional Skills Basic understanding of Cloud Provider's costing model
Basic understanding of NoSQL databases
Knowledge of multi-tenancy architectures
Knowledge of testing for mobile enviornments and devices

- Visual Studio based load test service
Certification (Optional) None
Supervision Close supervision required
Line reporting Reports to Test Manager
Interactions With Whom: Testing and development teams; No customer interaction

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